About Us

U.S. Farms Select, LLC. specializes in distribution of high quality dairy and beef cattle worldwide. We manage all logistics of consolidation, transportation, finance and risk management to achieve the maximum outcome for our consumers and suppliers.

We work in close contact with the Marketing division of the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (Keith Long, Director of Office of International Marketing, phone: +1 804-371-8990). We also have the strategic advantage of being based in the state of Virginia, on the East Coast of the United States near the port of Richmond and close to ports of Baltimore, MD and Wilmington, DE. U.S.Farms Farms Select has chartered ships for cattle carriage.

U.S. Farms Select, LLC directs the preparation of Heifers and bred Heifers for export on specialized farms in USA, including artificial insemination with sexed semen received from the best North American bulls. We work directly with buyers without intermediaries and provide buyers with visa support for travel to the United States for the purpose of acquaintance with the process of preparing the cattle, and the selection of heifers and bred heifers on the Company’s farms.

We provide post-contract service of cattle in Russia by visiting American experts in the field of technology, reproduction and veterinary science. Experts of our company can provide both methodical and practical help.

U.S. Farms Select, LLC., is a member of US Chamber of Commerce, a member of Holstein Friesian Association of America and American Angus Association.